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We get asked this all the time!!!!

Today we are not looking at weddings but parties and events!!!

There many things we are asked a lot and one of them is “do you hire out large light up numbers” and the answer is…. A huge, huge YES!!! Yeh we do and we love lighting up your parties and events with our large light up letters and numbers just as much as we do weddings!!!

Not only parties and events but we supply large light up letters and numbers well for anything really!!! Like this image above, we supplied our large light up numbers to see in the new year for a shop fairly local to us! They had them in their shop window for the whole month of January! so many wonderful comments were made and one of my favs was "the numbers really make me smile every day as I head into work" THAT IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR!!! Smiles, happiness, wows and just lighting up your days!!!

We don’t advertise them a whole lot through ‘Alana’s Love’ because DID YOU KNOW… that we have a sister company called ‘Penelope’s Parties’ where we take care of all things PARTY! We leave all the LOVE stuff to Alana’s Love!!!

So I know you probably have lots of questions now I’ve dropped this little gem on you like… “how do I book?”, “who on earth is Penelope?”, “is it just numbers?”, “how far do you deliver?”

So let’s answer a few of these now and then any other questions just click this link and ask away!

Well let’s start with: DO WE HIRE OUT NUMBERS!? 

So we’ve established that’s a huge yes! We have all numbers available with doubles and triples in most! We cover a wide range of celebrations from birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events! Keep reading and you might find a cheeky offer down below!

You can hire them out on their own, in all of their 4ft gloriousness or we can dress them to the nines for you! We have a range of neons, backdrops, tassels florals, disco balls and much more! And if you’re after something in particular, just let us know!!!

So now you’ve fallen in love with our light up numbers this leads me perfectly on to your next question…


Easy peasy, well there are many ways but the quickest and easiest way is to email us or fill in the contact us form on our website


Nope, as I mentioned previously we do neons and a whole host of accessories too and large light up letters! So as well as your birthday numbers there a whole range of words you can get to really light up the night and get the party going! DANCE, PARTY, your name, imagine seeing your name in lights!!!

We are also launching a brand new product soon so head over to our instagram and follow us so you dont miss out on that, its going to be a gooden!!!

We also love a collaboration, so head over to our instagram to see some amazing installations we’ve been part of along with other local businesses. Check out the images below of some of our favourite installs with the very talanted Balloon Occasions.


We are located not far from Stroud, Gloucestershire, and deliver within a 60 mile radius of that dependent on the booking size! Meaning we cover a large amount of area including Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds, Somerset, Wiltshire, Herefordshire and Oxfordshire! 


Ahhh Penelope… she is our beautiful little second born and well could her name be more fitting? And,  she sure is a little party animal...

So there we have it guys!!! Long story short… hell yeh we have large light up numbers  available to hire out for all your special occasions!!!

Oh yes! I promised you a cheeky offer too! Well if you book in our large light numbers before May 2024 your can choose either to add florals or disco balls absolutely free!!!! click the link to book and quote BLOGOFFER to claim your extras xxx

Click the link to light up your party!!! - and dont forget to like this blog and leave a comment to let us know if you love the numbers x

See you next time, all our love hugs, licks & kisses,

Charlotte, Chris, Alana, Penelope, Rory & Madison XXxxxx

‘Alana’s Love’ & ‘Penelopes Parties’ - lighting up weddings with our large light up letters in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds & Beyond!

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