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Why 'NOT' to have light up letters at your wedding...

Above wedding venue: Milton End Barn

HELLO everyone I’m Charlotte the owner and founder of ‘Alana’s Love’, our wonderful world of large light up letters. A small family company based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and lighting up all your amazing weddings and events in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds and beyond!

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SO why you ask am I telling you why not to have large light up letters at your wedding? Well I love a challenge, so thought I’d explore the reasons why and try to prove them wrong!

I’ve had a long hard think about this one and researched it too and errrm… there’s absolutely NO reason at all not to have large light up letters at your wedding or event!!!

I mean, check this out... aren't they pretty!!!

Above venue: The Shack Revolution

SO instead I’m going to tell you all the reasons why large light up letters are a must at your wedding or event.

1) Well the obvious first point to make is… the lightinggg. Adding that extra light and warmth to your venue is always welcome. Some venues need a little helping hand in the evening too so the extra light can bring your celebration alive whilst creating a romantic atmosphere.

Our dreamy retro style filament light bulbs really add a beautiful vibe to any style of venue, whether you’re having a rustic venue, marquee or stately home, they will definitely give you the feels.

Wedding Venue: Milton End Barn

2) My next point is my fav… that one word I hear the most when I’ve set up the LED letters. The word that makes me feel warm and fuzzy every single time I hear it even after nearly 5 years in the biz… WOW! Adding that wow factor to your big day! Whether it’s your guests walking into your ceremony and seeing your initials lit up and large letters filling them with the excitement that they are just about to watch you exchange your vows. Or you hold them back for your evening party perhaps, and this might be your newly married surname topped with our mini MR&MRS, what a surprise your whole wedding party will get as they enter the reception, definitely creating a room of WOWs.

Creating that wow factor is one of the important features of your big day…. The parts you and your guests will talk about, creating memories that will last a life time.

Wedding Venue: Clearwell Castle Wedding Venue: Kingscote Barn Wedding Venue: Bicester Hotel

3) Personalisation! We all love those personal touches to a wedding day! Something that makes your day unique to you! That’s why we have handcrafted the whole alphabet plus doubles and triples in most so you can create words with our light up letters that are personal to you. This might be your surname, on its own or topped with one of our minis (THE or MR&MRS) your initials or even a nickname or word that you have as a running joke. But you can have anything… and if we are missing a letter, as long as we have the time we can make it for you.

Wedding Venue: Kings Head

4) The photos!!! Photos are a huge part of your wedding journey. They are the memories and keepsakes from one of the most special times of your life… so let’s make them epic! Create back drops, selfie spots, epic lighting that are all going to fuel fantastic photos that you will be boring people with because you have shown them off so many times.

I often hear from photographers too they get fantastic evening reception pictures because of the extra lighting!

Our lights in particular are special as we have bulbs that don’t flicker on camera so your guests and photographer/videographer will get uninterrupted flicker free videos and pics every time

Wedding Venue: The Swan Hotel Photographer: Squib Photography

5) Also our particular light up letters are slightly smaller than most so they can fit into a lot more unusual places, and smaller venues which is very helpful for many beautiful Cotswolds venues we have around here. But they are still large light up letters and look dazzling in larger venues too.

Wedding Venue: Oxleaze Barn

WELL there you go, a pretty good handful of reasons why you should hire our large light up letters for your big day and that’s just to name a few. Let me know in the comments below if we should do a part 2 as I have thought of a ton more! Or if we've changed your mind or confirmed your decision on having them at your wedding!?

Head over to the website and take a look at our pics and reviews for yourself and fall in LOVE with large light up letters!

See you next time, all our love hugs, licks & kisses,

Charlotte, Chris, Alana, Penelope, Rory & Madison XXxxxx

‘Alana’s Love’ & ‘Penelopes Parties’

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