Alana's Light Up Letters


Our LOVE was lovingly handcrafted for own wedding. Since then it's been adding that extra special something for people with something to celebrate. 


💡 Our letters have a beautiful design and are finished in a brilliant matt white.

💡 The retro style light bulbs are non-flicker LEDs, which means they don’t get hot, just in case little wandering fingers find them.

💡 They are made from MDF, making them really easy to move around, so you can create the perfect look for your day.

💡 They are 3ft 4” in height, and are reassuringly sturdy. They make the perfect prop to capture fantastic pictures of you and your guests. Or they can bring the dance floor to life and create a wonderful back drop for your first dance.

💡 We will deliver install and collect, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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The Mr & Mrs

Brand new and ready for hire. Get in touch for more information.


We want your special day to be unique to you, that is why we have chosen a font that is different to most light up letters you see. Make your celebrations stand out from the crowd and impress your guests. Want the LOVE to stand out even more??? Feel free to decorate them with flowers, plants, balloons etc, they love to play dress up!


We think celebrations are wonderful and that the only thing you should be thinking about is having a great time. That's why we use high quality LED bulbs which don't get hot in case one of your guests touches one. They have beautiful retro style filaments which make them dazzle and shine.


We pride ourselves on the care and attention to the details, Each time we hire out our LOVE we want you to feel like it’s the first time we’ve hired them out. We deliver our letters, install them just how you want them, then each the letter and their bulbs are checked and cleaned. Every 6 months they are sanded and painted if needed to keep them looking fresh and ready to party! 

More products are coming soon
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