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Nope! You Don’t have to go rustic for your autumn wedding!!!

Yep I said it... no more rustic!

Only joking!!! Gotcha!

Guys first of all let’s celebrate autumn vibes, it’s 100% our favourite time of the year! And you can’t deny the colours, the beauty and the endless possibilities you can do with them! The perfect way to dress your autumn wedding! How can they not be the perfect pallet for your fall wedding… so before I go into how not to do rustic for your autumn wedding, I’m going to show off how you can, with our large light up letters first, and I’ll bet I get at least one WOW out of ya … 

It was hard to choose just a couple of examples but here they are, plus you can head over to our Instagram to check out everything that we get up too!

Let’s take a look at what we have available to get those rustic wedding vibes flaring…

The Lights: First of all large light up letters really warm light up a room adding so much warmth and vibrance. Perfect to match to autumn days. When I’ve set lights up at a wedding or event even the most common reaction is WOW, and that’s the glowing effect they have on a room, wow!!!

Head over to our Website or Instagram to find out more about out beautiful large light up letters.

Crates and Pallets: We have a variety of pallets and crates available for hire. They are great to add some height and depth to the set up and look great on their out with the light up letters or you can fill the crates with foliage, florals and other rustic accessories. 

Rustic Accessories: We have flameless candles, lanterns and hurricane lamps, which will add great depth to the set up and even more texture with different lighting aspects.

Themes: Having a theme???… for example a late October wedding, wink wink see where I’m going with this… pumpkins!!! We LOVE a good pumpkin, especially when they are surrounding our light up letters. Whatever theme you have just let us know and we can dress the letters to match! 

Backdrops: We loves a good wedding backdrop! Especially when it’s behind our large light up letters! We have a selection of copper framing and a variety of fabric colours to really tie in your wedding colours! 

Balloons: we don’t do balloons ourselves but work with some of the best in the biz, and how about this epic display by Balloon Occasions, we are here for this! 

Let us know in the comments below who is loving these Autumn installations!!!

So Now For the Part that Hooked you in… nope you don’t have to go rustic for your autumn wedding!!!

Well for starters I’d just like to point out that any time of the year you can have any theme you want because it’s your wedding!!! Yes a Christmas wedding in the middle of June may be a bit strange but hey you do you! Wanting a warm wedding but with the vibes of your favourite time of the year yep I get it, anyway I babble! Check out the images below of a set up this year from this autumn, we are in love!!!

Colour: A pop of colour looks insane behind the lights and again adding great texture and depth to the installation. Now we are going big or going home, so if you didn’t WOW your guests before (which you surely would have done) you certainly will now!!! 

Fabric & Tassels: We are loving the colour, but how to get it? Well we can supply you with drapings of fabric or hangings of tassels which we will match with the theme or colour ways to your wedding!!!

MORE LIGHT: Oh ok lush pops of colour not enough for you, ok I got you… let’s add more light with our new range of NEONS!!! A great way to add another layer of texture and vibrancy to the installation. 

Florals: Flowers are an amazing way to get colour into our installations. If you having colour throughout your wedding then again we can colour match our florals to tie it all together!!!

Accessories: well we touched on this on the autumn wedding stylings but we are absolutely loving disco balls at the moment!!! What do you think of the images below where we had a mix of gold and silver together, and we may a snuck in a pumpkin or two too we just couldn’t resist


How about a mix a bit of rustic with a bit of modern and pops of colour!!! 

You could even go completely the opposite way with black vibes, gothic vibes, just check out the image below, but ill save the rest of those pics for another day...

We would love to know if you're rustic through and through or having a pop of colour or adding a surprise twist to your wedding decor, or has this blog made you have a little rethink? 

See you next time, all our love hugs, licks & kisses,

Charlotte, Chris, Alana, Penelope, Rory & Madison XXxxxx

‘Alana’s Love’ & ‘Penelopes Parties’ - lighting up weddings with our large light up letters in Gloucestershire, the Cotswolds & Beyond!

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