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Meet the team behind ‘Alana’s Love’

Hello everyone we’re back! Hope your enjoying planning your big days and special celebrations!!! In our last blog post we discovered all about our beautiful LOVE letters previous to that why we started the company and this week we would like to introduce ourselves so you can get to know the crew behind ‘Alana’s Love’.

First of all we have the boss!!! Baby Alana herself, although not so baby any more as she is nearly 2 ahhhhhhh, they grow up so fast! But she is the amazing reason for us starting up ‘Alana’s Love’ in the first place. She is the best and cutest boss ever although she leaves most of the work to her minions, mummy and daddy! She loves to do all the face to face work, chatting up all the happy couples and party planners. U’ll find her at most of the meetings and fairs and occasionally she makes a delivery!

Soooooooo, who does the deliveries?! Hi, that’ll be me mummy, Charlotte, I run the company on behalf of the little lady, and I love it! I love meeting happy couples planning one of the best days of their lives and the party planners whether it’s a small gathering or a big bash! I understand how the decorative details count and aim to make the whole process as perfect as possible, and having planned my own wedding I understand by how important it is.

To finish off our family team we have daddy bear, Chris! He’s our muscle man, does all our heavy lifting, our hero, me and Alana call him!!! U’ll often find him collecting the LOVE letters after they have been partying all night and all hung over. We couldn’t run the business without him. He is also our IT man, building and maintaining our beautiful website.

You can find all three of us next at The Hill, in Stroud. An absolutely gorgeous venue that is opening its doors for an open day on the 3rd of November. It will be all set up to show how a wedding will look. Not getting married?, still feel free to pop along to have a look anyway as they also cater for parties and events:

So that’s us, want to know more please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!!!

All our LOVE

Charlotte, Chris and Baby Alana


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