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Our LOVE...

The LOVE letters, large luxury light up love letters!!! The perfect decoration to have at any celebratory event. Our LOVE makes the perfect back drop for your drinks reception, or warm up the room whilst your enjoying a lovely meal, or they can join you and your guests on the dance floor.

Why hire our LOVE letters for your event?...

💡Wow - Dazzle your guests with a decoration that not only looks good but they can also have fun with.

💡Size - our letters are a perfect 3ft 4” in height, a great size for venues of all sizes. Whether it’s a tee-pee with sloping sides, a country Cotswold house for them to nestle into or a large stately home.

💡LED bulbs - our bulbs are high quality non-flicker LED’s that don’t get hot just in case wandering fingers might find them. They are retro filament style bulbs and give off a really great glow.

💡Depth - our letters have a lovely depth to them which makes them extremely sturdy and I can say this has been tested by Alana, it was a good test too!!!

💡Font - the font of our LOVE is different from most light up letters so if you want something a little more unique for your celebration you’ve found it!

💡Hassle free - Only one plug is needed for the LOVE and they can fit in almost anywhere you would like to put them. Each letter can be angled, overlapped or spread out so you can create the perfect look for you.

💡Delivery - We deliver, install and collect the letters so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We will arrange all of this before the big day so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

💡Certificates - We are fully pat tested and hold public liability insurance, certificates are available on request.

We have have more products coming soon, and we’re very excited!!! Including more letters and signage packages to really give a personal touch to your celebration!!! Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on what’s new and our special offers!!!

Want to know anything else about our large light up LOVE letters? Get in touch now we’d love to here from you!!!

All our love,

Charlotte, Chris and Baby Alana


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