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How to make your guests go WOW at you wedding!!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

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Light up Letter Hire with 'Alana's Love'

Above Image: The Swan Hotel Bibury - Light up LOVE Letters in the garden

Large Light up Letters

You’ve been making all your plans for your big day! You’ve got the dream dress that you’re going to wear in your dream venue, the food, the drink, music, you’ve written your vows and got your photographer sorted whoop whoop... ...but you’re still looking for that extra wow factor, that something that will dazzle your guests???

Above Image: Light up Love letters at Ingleside House in Cirencester

Large light up letters instantly transform a room into something out of the ordinary and making it feel special and exciting! And have we got the light up letters for you!


You've seen light up letters around before, but what makes ours so special?...

The Bulbs: We use retro filament style LED light bulbs. Different from the standard carnival cabochons that you would normally see. Our bulbs also have non-flicker technology built into them, so on cameras and videos they don’t flicker allowing them to take the perfect image and video every time. They are 2 watt bulbs so not too bright to steal the show but will definitely make a fantastic statement. We get lots of great comments from photographers, saying that they were able to catch amazing shots because they help create the perfect lighting. • Font: As well as our light bulb style being unique, so is our letter style. We decided to choose a font that was slightly different to the standard styles that you normally see. Making sure that your celebration will stand out from the crowd and impress your guests!!! Service & Care: We pride ourselves on the care and attention to the details, Each time we hire out our letters we want you to feel like it’s the first time we’ve hired them out.

We deliver our letters, install them just how you want them, then each the letter and their bulbs are checked and cleaned. Every 6 months they are sanded and painted if needed to keep them looking fresh and ready to party! • Size matters: One thing we absolutely love about our letters is the size of them!!! They nestle perfectly into small spaces allowing you to get creative with them, and they look fantastic in larger spaces too! Whether it be a hotel, hall or stately home!

And let’s not forget about tents and marquees, they really help to transform a blank canvas into a magical space to celebrate your special occasion. And that’s just inside!!! You should see them outside they look amazing!!!


What are our most popular products???

The Love

Our light up LOVE letters will always be our most popular. What a more perfect way to celebrate your marriage, engagement or anniversary than to have your LOVE in lights!!!

Above Image: Light up letters at Tortworth Court

The MR & MRS

Let’s not forget about our MR & MRS that are a fairly new addition to the collection and is becoming increasingly popular too!!!

"Thanks so much Charlotte for providing these amazing lights for our recent wedding on the 21st December, they looked absolutely stunning, we had so many compliments, the room would have looked very bare without them."

Sally & Mark 2019

Above Image: Light up Mr and Mrs at the Swan Hotel in Bibury, Cotswolds

We've got new products available, have you checked them out yet???

Bespoke Initials

Looking for something a little different, or maybe want that personal touch?... ... check out our custom initials for example C & S. Perfect for engagement or anniversary parties and of course weddings. Bespoke made for your special occasion. Every letter of the alphabet is available to really personalise your perfect celebration. What about Bespoke words you say??? We aren’t yet doing words or surnames but if we have the letters already made up and they are available we are happy to hire them out! Or if we only have to make one or two, we are happy to do this! Our list on our website is always being updated with what letters are available!

If after reading all that you can’t resist having light up letters at your wedding, party or event, just get in touch for a quote or to ask us anything, we’d love to hear from you!!! Or why not subscribe with us so you don’t miss out on new products and offers!!!


Stay safe and well guys! We’ll be back soon, All our LOVE, Charlotte, Chris, Alana & Penelope XXxx

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